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Server Restarts ↻

The server will restart every morning at 10am BST

The expected downtime of the server post restarting is 15 minutes to around an hour depending on any work or maintenance that might be ongoing at the time.
If you feel like the server is down when it is not meant to be your first port of call would be to check the #status channel in the CMG Discord, If there is an ongoing issue with FiveM a notice will be automatically be posted.
CMG Status ┃ Click Here FiveM Status ┃ Click Here

Boot Wipe ♻

This happens at the first day of every month.
Why does this happen?
Inventory wipes happen monthly to ensure the server's economy remains stable, and to prevent people gathering a massive arsenal turning the city into a warzone.
What exactly gets wiped?
• All items in your Inventory (L)
• All items in your vehicle boots
• All items in your houses chests
• Weapons equipped
• All Dirty Money
Everything else remains.

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