đŸ¤ŋScuba Diver

How to be a Scuba Diver đŸ¤ŋ

Clocking on 🕐

  1. To start any job you need to clock on as it before hand at City Hall.

  1. Once you clock on a prompt will appear at the top of your screen telling you a waypoint has been set for the Scuba Diving Shop where you will be able to start your first job!

  1. Once you arrive there will be a blue blip which once you stand on will bring up a menu for you to start a suba diving job!

  1. Once you click request job you will change into the scuba diving gear and be spawned on a boat with a destination for you to start diving at.

  1. Once you reach your destination there will be a prompt for you to press the hotkey G to begin diving.

  1. Once you press G you will then be prepared to start diving and can press E to go into the water in order to collect treasures and return them to your boat.

To collect the treasures swim over them and press E to collect them.

The diving locations can be different each time as well as the treasure locations

  1. Once you think you have collected all of the treasure in the diving location head back to your boat and enter as normal and a prompt will appear on the left telling you to return to the scuba diving shop in order to get paid.

  1. Once you have made it back to the scuba diving shop the menu will now show a Claim Reward button which you can use to get paid for your treasures!

  1. Once you click this you will recieve a prompt on the left of your screen telling you that you have been paid and the amount you have been paid for the treasures you have collected.

Your now a fully qualified scuba diver. You can now either clock off at the clocking on point at city hall or continue your scuba diving career

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