🚔Metropolitan Police Service

CMG MET Police

Requirements to Join the MET PD:

  • You must have 5 or less points on your F10 - You must also provide a full screenshot of your F10

  • To become a PCSO you must be 16 or older, if you are 15 you will be accepted as a student officer which is similar to the PCSO process but elongated

  • You must have 200 Hours in order to be accepted into the MET

  • Interview (Interview where you will be asked basic questions about the CMG MET and situations involving server rules)

  • Basic Training (A training session with an examiner where you will be taught 90% of everything you need to know about the MET including, key-binds, police procedures etc)

  • Ride-along (A 5 hour session with a Sergeant+ who will take you on patrol with them in order for you to get a grips of what patrolling as an officer is like and be taught vital things that will aid your progression at the same time)

  • Final Exam (An Exam that will test your knowledge on everything you have been taught so far)

Police Application Form

More information can be found at our E-Library

If you have any questions about this process feel free to join the discord and speak to a member of College of Policing to assist you.

To make a complaint on a police officer, You must join the discord and look for the #police-complaints channel and a member of the Executive team will assist you.

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