👮His Majesty's Prison Service

CMG His Majesty's Prison Service

Requirements to Join the HMP:

  • 15+ Unless spoken to a member of HQ.

  • If 14 years of age, you must have 75 hours minimum playtime & a maturity test.

  • Meeting all required word counts.

  • Less than 5 Points on your F10.

  • Do not plagiarise any applications or you will be at serious risk of waiting longer than a usual denial would take.

  • Have read the HMPS rules & procedures, these are found on our E-Library: https://hmp.cmgstudios.net/

Upon your application being accepted you will then be able to request for an interview in the HMPS discord

After completing your interview you will move onto basic training to become a Trainee Prison guard until you rank up to Prison Guard.

HMP Application Form

If you have any questions about your application feel free to join the HMPS discord and talk to a member of command who can answer any further questions you might have.

To make a complaint on a prison guard, You must join the HMP Discord linked above and look for the #hmp-complaints channel.

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