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đŸ”ĢOrgan Heist

80 Civilians vs 80 Police

What is Organ Heist?

Organ Heist is a free-to-join event that occurs every day at 7:30pm

In this event, civilians team up against police in a team deathmatch until the last team standing As a civilian, you will be provided with level four armour and a pistol to start with, but you have the ability to purchase more armour, ammunition, and weaponry inside the battlefield.

The participants still alive in the winning team receive a prize of ÂŖ250,000.

25% health & armour back per kill

ÂŖ25,000 added to your bank per kill

Location of Organ Heist:

Civilians Entrance:

Press [E] to play the organ heist

Police Entrance:

Press [E] to play the organ heist

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