🚗Driving License

Information about the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)

To get a full licence, you'll need to apply for a provisional and head to the DVSA test centre. Then, you can take your driving test with an approved driving examiner. It is illegal to drive a car without a driving license and could result in you being arrested.

The test is fully automated, you'll drive for approximately 10-15 min both following a sat-nav and independent driving. You'll be required to carry out a park manoeuvre, controlled stop and more throughout the test.

Be careful though, you might pass your test but you can lose it! Police can issue you points through their PNC and if you accumulate 12 or more, you'll be required to resit the test.


What if someone crashes into me during my test?

You will carry out the test in your own "session", meaning you'll have the whole city to yourself and no other players present.

Where is the DVSA test centre?

It is located south of the city and is marked on the map as DVSA Test Centre. see image

What vehicle do I do the test in?

You'll carry out the test in an AA Driving School Vehicle.

How do I view my licence in-game?

/showdl to view your driving licence or /dl to manage your driving licence

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