đŸ”ĢCustom Gun Whitelist Guide

How to use a Custom gun whitelist

General information

You can purchase a Custom gun whitelist off the store, or by purchasing them off another player in-game.

Purchasing a custom gun whitelist slot allows you to gain access to someone else's custom weapon without paying full price! However the original owner must give you access to purchase this by giving you an access code

How to create an access code for a whitelisted weapon as an import owner

If you go in-game and press f2 it will open a menu which then will show a category called "Weapon Whitelists" Which you can see in the image below (ref1).

Once you press on "Weapon whitelists" it will display your weapon imports that you own, which then you can select the weapon you want to create an access code for, it will then get you to put the players perm id in that's purchasing the access code shown in image below (ref2), this locks it to their account so no one else can claim.

Once a player has an access code to your weapon they'll need to purchase a suitable custom weapon whitelist and enter their access code that you have generated for them. shown below in the image below (ref3).

Players id (ref2)

Claiming a custom gun whitelist

You will need a weapon access code to redeem your custom gun whitelist. You can purchase an access code off another player in game or in the #auction-room channel on the discord. Please make sure you purchase the suitable access code for the custom gun whitelist slot you have purchased as if you purchase the wrong access code or custom gun whitelist there's nothing we can do to help you with it. Ie, (black ice mp5 = smg whitelist) - (M13 Assault rifle = Rifle whitelist)

Once you've purchased the suitable custom gun whitelist for the access code you've recently purchased, you can find it on your /store menu ingame. Once you do /store find your weapon whitelist and press enter, this will bring you to a pop up where you can redeem the item, sell the item and copy the code.

If you press "Redeem item" it'll show a new pop up which then you'll have to select "Access code" shown on the image on the left. Once you've pressed enter on the "Access code" it'll show a new pop up which is where you'll put your access code that you purchased off another player shown on the image on the right.

Once you've followed the steps above, you're now ready to claim your new custom gun whitelist by selecting "Redeem (weapon) Whitelist" !

You are now the proud owner of a whitelisted weapon!

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