🚌Bus Driver

How to be a Bus Driver 🚌

  1. To start any job you need to clock on as it before hand at City Hall.

  1. Upon clocking on as a bus driver you will get a prompt telling you that a waypoint has been set for you to go to in order to start your shift.

  1. Once you reach the waypoint you can then pull out a bus by pressing E on the red marker on the floor. You should be then in a bus with a secondary waypoint placed indicating your bus route.

  1. Once you reach your first destination you will stop, the bus doors will open and then you will recieve money for you will get a new destination you will then need to travel to.

  1. Once you have finished your 15 destinations you should find yourself back at the starting point, you should recieve your money and get a notification at the bottom left of your screen indicating your shift is complete.

You can now either clock off at the clocking on point or do another shift! ​

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