How to be a Fisherman đŸŽŖ

  1. To start any job you need to clock on as it before hand at City Hall.

  1. Upon clocking on as a fisherman you will get a prompt telling you that a waypoint has been set for you to go to in order to start your shift by going to the bait shop to pick up supplies.

The fishing trader is at the bottom of the map at the docks area, follow the waypoint on your GPS to be find it.

  1. Once you are at the fishing trader you will see a dollar sign marked on the floor, this is where you can buy bait in order to start fishing.

There are three different types of bait that are available for purchase and the higher tier bait that you buy means more chances of catching rarer fish that sell for higher prices.

In order to purchase any bait from this store you will need to do so in cash, so visit an ATM beforehand

  1. Once you have purchase your bait you need to make your way to the boat shop in order to purchase yourself a boat to fish in. The location of this will be posted below.

  1. Once you have purchase your boat you can get it out at any purple marked boat blips that are on your GPS like the one above in the picture. You then want to head to a fishing location. See an example below.

After you have decided on your designated fishing location if you pull out your boat you can head to the location if you mark it on your GPS by double clicking the hook symbol.

  1. Once you are in the area you should get a prompt at the bottom of your screen to anchor your boat by pressing the hotkey G.

  1. Once your anchor is set you can walk freely around your boat and when you are ready you can press the hotkey E to begin fishing.

  2. Once you press E a bar should appear at the bottom of your screen telling you to hit SPACE when the white line matches up with the green one.

Each time this is attempted it will use a bait which you should have purchased ealier within the guide

  1. Upon you succesfully matching the white line with the green you should be rewarded with a fish which is randomly based on the bait you had purchased + the difficulty of the puzzle.

The fish you have obtained can then be sold to the trader next to where you had purchased the bait from.

The more bait you buy the more fish you can catch in one go and the bigger the boot size of your boat in KG means the more fish you can store to sell. For the purpose of the tutorial I purposly only catch one fish ​

  1. Once you are happy with the amount of fish you have caught you can head back to the trader marked on the map.

  1. Once you are at the trader NPC press the hotkey E in order to bring up the selling menu which should look like the below image.

In order to sell any fish they will need to be on your person / inventory

  1. You then can select and press ENTER on the fish that you wish to sell to the trader which in my case is a common fish.

You can now either clock off at the clocking on point or purchase more bait in order to fish some more! ​

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