💰G4S Driver

How to be a G4S Driver 🚙

Clocking on 🕐

  1. To start any job you need to clock on as it before hand at City Hall.

  1. Once you clock on you will recieve a prompt at the top of your screen telling you a waypoint has been set for the G4S Depot on your GPS.

  1. Once you arrive at the G4S Depot there is a green blip on the floor which brings up a menu for you to start your shift.

  1. Once you start your shift you will change into the G4S uniform and be given instructions on the way!

use /g4s to access the G4S menu at any time while clocked on for a shift! You will also be provided with a pin number which will be needed to store and withdraw cash from your Van and can be given to you again at any point using the G4S menu!

If you go to the right side of the building outside there will be a G4S van that should have been spawned for you to use!

If your vehicle does not spawn. End your shift via the G4S menu and start again although this should not happen.

You then need to drive to your destination and upon arrival you should see a cash blip and a prompt for you to enter the building that you have been assigned to go to.

  1. Once you walk over the cash blip you will have collected the cash and will need to store the cash you have collected by walking to the back of your van and entering your pin.

  2. Once you have stored the money in the safe you will be given a route to the nearest bank to deposit the cash from the store.

  1. Once you have arrived at the bank you will then need to exit the vehicle and and withdraw the cash using your pin and walk over to the red cash blip in order to deposit it at the bank.

  2. Once you have done this you will be paid for your Job as it is complete!

G4S is a continous Job and this can continue for as long as you want to be a G4S worker and can quit at any point after a Job using the G4S menu mentioned earlier.

You have completed your first G4S Job you can either clock off via the clocking on point at City hall or you can continue your G4S work!

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