🌮Taco Seller

How to be a Taco Seller 🌮

Clocking on 🕐

  1. To start any job you need to clock on as it before hand at City Hall.

2a. Upon clocking on as a taco seller you will get a prompt telling you that you can purchase the truck from the Simeons dealership.

2b. The taco truck in simeons costs ÂŖ250,000 so you will need this cash to permanently purchase the truck before being able to start the job.

2c. Once you have arrived at the simeons dealership the taco truck can be found under VANS

  1. Once you have purchased the truck you can then spawn the taco truck to begin!

  1. Head down to Taco Bomb a waypoint will be marked. Press [E] to grab a box of tacos

  1. You can stock a maximum of 100 tacos

  1. Once you have stocked up with tacos use the command /taco to begin selling, you can set custom prices, view stock and see how much you have made!

You are now a certified taco seller!

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