📨Royal Mail Driver

How to be a Royal Mail Driver ✉️

Clocking on 🕐

  1. To start any job you need to clock on as it before hand at City Hall.

  1. Once you have clocked on there will be a prompt telling you a waypoint has been set for you to go to in order to start your shift as a Royal Mail Driver.

  1. Once you have arrived at the waypoint there will be a red truck on the floor and when you stand over it there should be a prompt that states Press E to start your Royal Mail job.

  1. Upon pressing E you will spawn your Royal Mail van. You will also get a waypoint to your first delivery as well as a tracker on the right which shows your earnings and how many packages you have delivered.

  1. You now need to head to your first waypoint. Upon arrival to your waypoint you will receive cash for your delivery and a package is added to the counter as well as receiving a new waypoint.

  1. Once you have delivered all 15 packages your last delivery should take you back to the shift starting point and your shift should complete with your earnings given to you. There should also be a confirmation on the left of your screen to say the shift has been completed.

You can now either clock off at the clocking on point or do another shift!

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