🚗Lockslot Guide

How to use a Lockslot

How do I obtain a lock slot?

You can purchase a lock-slot off the store, or by purchasing the baller rank, you can also purchase them off another player in-game.

General information

Please check the #announcements on the discord before starting the process of importing your custom baller lock!

Please keep in mind that the in-game prices of lock-slots will fluctuate depending on whether there's a sale on the store

Or if there's just high or low demand. Lock slots usually go for between ÂŖ90,000,000 and ÂŖ110,000,000 these are not set prices by the server and are community member-based prices, so you can sell or buy them for anywhere within that price range typically.

Where can I find my lock-slot once i've obtained one?

If you do /store in-game, you'll have a menu pop up like the following below that will show your store inventory and any store items you've purchased.

How do I use my lock-slot?

First of all you'll want a car model, these can vary in price depending on the modeller, model or website you're purchasing off. The vehicle can't be the same as an already existing vehicle within the server. You can find all of the already existing baller locks within the server HERE. If you have a model in mind, you can ask on the donation support discord

by making a BALLER ticket and providing images of the model and they'll check it for you and approve it if it's allowed. You can find your lock-slot code by doing /store, go over to your "Lock Slot" and press enter and it'll show a new pop up like the following below, which will show your lock-slot code.

What to do once your vehicle has been approved by donation support

Once donation support has approved the vehicle that you'd like to import, provide them with the following information: First of all, your perm ID, then your lock-slot code, which you can find shown above (the example code above is expired). You'd also need to provide your model file within the ticket. If you want to make your car a 1:2, 1:3, and so on, you'd need to provide one import slot code as well to account for the second vehicle (1:2).

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