🚛Lorry Driver

How to be a Lorry Driver 🚛

Clocking on 🕐

Leveling System / Payouts can be found HERE

  1. To start any job you need to clock on as it before hand at City Hall.

  1. Once you have arrived at your destination there should be a green coloured truck blip on the ground which you can press the hotkey E to bring up the trucking menu in order to start a job!

  • You will then need to go outside in order to rent yourself a vehicle in order to start trucking!

  • Truck rentals for this job are ÂŖ10,000 so bare this in mind before continuing

  • You can also purchase a Truck permanently for ÂŖ200,000.

  1. Once you have purchased/rented a truck and spawned it. go back to the truck blip to start your job. You will be changed into your trucking uniform and have a prompt telling you to go outside to pick up your trailer.

  1. Once outside you can pick up your trailer by reversing slowly head on to the trailer with your truck.

  1. Once you reach your destination you will see a green indicater marking where you need to drop off your trailer and you will then be paid for your work.

You can gain XP for this job which provides higher yeild when completing jobs over time

  1. You have comlpeted your first job as a trucker!

This job is continous so it will continue for as long as you continue picking up and dropping off trailers. Enjoy trucking trucker! ​

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