🆔Baller ID Swap Guide

How to use a baller ID swap

How do I obtain a Baller ID swap?

To obtain an ID Swap token this would require purchasing the "Baller Rank" on the store.

What to do once you have purchased the Baller rank

If you do /store in-game, you should be able to see something called a "Baller ID" (shown in image ref1). press ENTER on it, then select "redeem item." You will then have a list that will pop up (shown in image ref2).

You will then be able to select enter on an id of your choice that's on the list (the list will be updated frequently or as often as we can). To claim the id, go to the very bottom of the list to select the confirmation process.

Once I have confirmed my Baller ID selection

Once you have confirmed your Baller ID swap, it will now begin the account migration process, which will transfer all of the data from your current ID over to your new one. This will kick you off the server almost instantaneously and can take a few minutes to process before allowing you to join the server again.

How do I know the account migration system worked?

Once you're back on the server, do /getmyid in chat, and it will display your new ID on the left of your screen or in chat!

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