GTA FPS Problems

A FPS Guide!

Checkout these ingame settings if you're struggling with FPS problems.

1. Turn off vSync

2. Turn down these advanced settings

Extended Distance Scaling / Extended Shadows Distance

3. Texture Quality to "Normal"

Final Notes

â€ĸ 16GB of RAM is recommended for CMG.

â€ĸ If you have 8GB of RAM or less, close as many programs as possible whilst playing CMG.

â€ĸ Move FiveM and/or GTA V to your SSD if possible

â€ĸ Don't leave vehicles on the side of the road, store them in garages.

â€ĸ Ensure both your graphics card drivers & windows is up to date.

â€ĸ Ensure RAM speed is running at it's highest.

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